Monday, 15 September 2014

David Beckham Got a New Tattoo that Quotes Jay Z

Jay Z is not only famous for being one of the greatest rappers of our generations but he is also popular for giving life mantras. In the past he has given many popular taglines that had gained popularity among masses. His recent concert in LA gained him a new fan. It is none other than one of the greatest footballer and Former Captain of England David Beckham.

David who is known for his love to tattoos has inked his body on a number of occasions. However In September 2014 he was spotted with a new tattoo on his right hand. It was spotted by a fan who was there for autograph. The tattoo read "DREAM BIG BE UNREALISTIC".

This is  a line from one of Jay Z's song. He did the rap of song in Los angeles a few days back. The concert was attended by Victoria beckham (wife of David Beckham) she tweeted right after the concert the same line.

Looks like David liked the mantra too and he soon got his hand inked with the tagline. Unfortunately we dont have the picture of the tattoo designs but we did liked the line. What you Say About Jay-Z's new tattoo?

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